3-gal vs. 7-gal trees? is there a big difference?

Is there a big difference between the 3-gal and the 7-gal trees?

Typically our 7-gal trees are older than the 3-gal trees. Usually 8-12 months older. Sometimes even older than 12 months, and in some less time.

Some of the advantages of buying a 7-gal tree are:

Trees are more established, that is, thicker trunk, and more developed roots
They may produce and be able to hold the fruit, better than trees in a 3-gal container
They typically have more branches and foliage

WARNING: 7-gal trees are typically pruned at the top before shipping, since they have to fit in a 4 feet tall box.

From time to time, We purchase trees from other local growers to keep up with demand. The trees from other growers may come in 7-gal containers, but they may not be as fully developed as our regular 7-gal trees. However, the price will also be impacted accordingly.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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