Are your trees organic?

We are often asked if our trees are organic or non-GMO?

We make every possible attempt to use the least amount of chemicals fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to grow and take care of our plants.

We grow most of our plants in raised beds - reducing the exposure to nematodes
Most weeds are removed by hand - reducing the need to user herbicide
Sensitive plants are grown in shade houses - this keeps a lot of bugs away
We do not use any Genetically Modified Organism or GMO to influence plant growth

We rely on the sun, irrigation and good old fashioned fertilizer to grow our plants.
From time to time pests come in, especially in the hot summer months. This is when we selectively treat our plants against bugs, like ants, mites, snails and worms.

We try to be as organic as we possibly can, however, we are not an USDA organic certified nursery.

Updated on: 04/09/2022

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