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Avocado Flower Types. Avocado Trees Pollination.

Source: University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources

Avocado Male & Female Flowers

Avocado trees self-pollinate. However, there is a possibility that planting trees of flower types A and B can lead to increase pollination and fruit yield.

The avocado’s flowering behavior is believed to promote cross-pollination since the male and female phases of an individual flower occur at different times. It is believed that the interplanting of complementary flower types can boost fruit set and therefore yield by making pollen available.

There are two flowering types, referred to as "A" and "B" flower types. "A" varieties open as female on the morning of the first day. The flower closes in late morning or early afternoon. The flower will remain closed until the afternoon of the second day when it opens as male. "B" varieties open as female on the afternoon of the first day, close in late afternoon and re-open in the male phase the following morning.

Below the flower type for some of the most common avocado varieties.
Source: IFAS Extension, University of Florida

VarietyRaceSeason of maturityFruit weight (oz)Flower TypeCold tolerance
DonnieWest IndianMay 21-June 3112-20ALow
DupuisWest IndianJune 15-July 3112-24ALow
HardeeWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 112-24BLow
PollockWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 1518-40BLow
SimmondsWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 1516-34ALow
NadirGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 1-Aug. 1510-22ALow
RussellWest IndianJuly 1-Aug. 3116-24ALow
BrogdonComplex HybridJuly 15-Sept. 158-12BLow
MiguelGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 22-Sept. 1518-26BLow
NesbittGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 22-Aug. 3014-26ALow
Tower-2Guatemalan, West IndianAug. 1-Sept. 1512-20BLow
BetaGuatemalan, West IndianAug. 5-Sept. 1516-24BModerate
LorettaGuatemalan, West IndianAug. 25-Sept. 3020-36BModerate
WaldinWest IndianSept. 1-Nov. 114-28AModerate
TonnageGuatemalanSept. 15-Oct. 1514-24BHigh
Booth 8Guatemalan, West IndianOct. 1-Dec. 159-28BModerate
LulaGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 1-Feb. 1514-24AHigh
MarcusGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 15-Nov. 3018-48BHigh
Booth 7Guatemalan, West IndianOct. 15-Dec. 1510-20BModerate
ChoquetteGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 30-Jan. 1518-40AModerately High
HallGuatemalan, West IndianNov. 15-Feb. 112-18AHigh
MonroeGuatemalan, West IndianDec. 1-Feb. 1524-40BModerate
KampongGuatemalanDec. 1-March 3114-24BHigh
MeyaGuatemalanDec. 7-Feb. 2810-16AHigh
ReedGuatemalanDec. 14-March 78-18AModerate
BrookslateGuatemalan, West IndianJan. 14-March 710-22AHigh

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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