Avocado races and its main characteristics. Cold hardiness. Fruit Sizes.

Characteristics of West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican races of avocados.
Source: IFAS Extension, University of Florida

CharacteristicsWest IndianGuatemalanMexican
OriginTropical lowlandsTropical highlandsTropical highlands
FoliageNo odorNo odorAnise-scented
Blooming seasonFebruary to MarchMarch to AprilJanuary to February
Maturity seasonMay to SeptemberSeptember to JanuaryJune to October
Development fruit time5 to 8 months10 to 15 months6 to 8 months
Fruit size1 to 5 pounds1/2 to 5 poundsNot over 1 pound
Skin textureLeathery-smoothWoody-smoothPapery-smooth
Fruit oil contentLowMedium to HighMedium to High

Cold HardinessWest IndianGuatemalanMexican
General ratingLowModerate to HighHigh
Young trees28 to 30 F26 to 28 F24 to 26 F
Mature trees25 to 30 F24 to 28 F18 to 26 F

Tree response to freezing temperatures is influenced by tree health, stage of growth, and cultural practices. Hybrids of these races have intermediate characteristics.

Updated on: 04/17/2023

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