Avocado varieties fruit production schedule

Below the production schedule and basic fruit information for some of the most common avocado varieties.
Source: IFAS Extension, University of Florida

VarietyRaceSeason of maturityFruit weight (oz)Fruit colorCold tolerance
DonnieWest IndianMay 21-June 3112-20GreenLow
DupuisWest IndianJune 15-July 3112-24GreenLow
HardeeWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 112-24RedLow
PollockWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 1518-40GreenLow
SimmondsWest IndianJune 25-Sept. 1516-34GreenLow
NadirGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 1-Aug. 1510-22GreenLow
RussellWest IndianJuly 1-Aug. 3116-24GreenLow
BrogdonComplex HybridJuly 15-Sept. 158-12GreenLow
MiguelGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 22-Sept. 1518-26GreenLow
NesbittGuatemalan, West IndianJuly 22-Aug. 3014-26GreenLow
Tower-2Guatemalan, West IndianAug. 1-Sept. 1512-20GreenLow
BetaGuatemalan, West IndianAug. 5-Sept. 1516-24GreenModerate
LorettaGuatemalan, West IndianAug. 25-Sept. 3020-36GreenModerate
WaldinWest IndianSept. 1-Nov. 114-28GreenModerate
TonnageGuatemalanSept. 15-Oct. 1514-24GreenHigh
Booth 8Guatemalan, West IndianOct. 1-Dec. 159-28GreenModerate
LulaGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 1-Feb. 1514-24GreenHigh
MarcusGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 15-Nov. 3018-48GreenHigh
Booth 7Guatemalan, West IndianOct. 15-Dec. 1510-20GreenModerate
ChoquetteGuatemalan, West IndianOct. 30-Jan. 1518-40GreenModerately High
HallGuatemalan, West IndianNov. 15-Feb. 112-18GreenHigh
MonroeGuatemalan, West IndianDec. 1-Feb. 1524-40GreenModerate
KampongGuatemalanDec. 1-March 3114-24GreenHigh
MeyaGuatemalanDec. 7-Feb. 2810-16GreenHigh
ReedGuatemalanDec. 14-March 78-18GreenModerate
BrookslateGuatemalan, West IndianJan. 14-March 710-22GreenHigh

Updated on: 04/17/2023

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