Can you provide a phytosanitary certificate for your trees?

General information regarding phytosanitary certificates and the export process.

The Phytosanitary Certificate Processing Fee includes:

We are not responsible for damaged to your trees during transit to the destination country, or for any other issues with the importing country agricultural laws or quarantines.
our liability ends when we deliver your plants in boxes to the freight forwarder with the corresponding phytosanitary certificate.

Do not place an export order directly on our website before contacting us and paying for the phytosanitary certificate. Your order will be shipped automatically to the freight forwarder and the trees may get destroyed or damaged during transit.

*This fee is non-refundable, even if we do not end up shipping your plants*

Processing the initial request of form PPQ 577

Payment of the USDA required Fee

Schedule the inspector visit to the nursery

Meeting inspector to conduct plant(s) inspection

Receipt of Phytosanitary Certificate

Preparation of commercial invoice

One certificate can be used for shipments with multiple boxes and multiple trees

Certificate has validity for 30 days

This fee does not include the shipping charges associated with delivering your trees to the freight forwarding shipper


To make an export order, you must reach out to us via email: We will send you an invoice to process the non-refundable phytosanitary certificate. After we have received payment for the Phytosanitary Certificate, please reach out to us with the plants you want on your export order.

Please visit the link below for additional information:

Updated on: 07/29/2023

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