Different price for trees that are the same type and pot size?

Our tree prices are determined by various factors, including the propagation technique, growth pattern, tree size, and market availability of the variety. While we strive to maintain consistent pricing based on tree size, availability can significantly influence the price of certain varieties, particularly those with high demand and limited supply.

We believe this pricing approach is fair, as it accounts for the additional effort and resources required to propagate certain varieties, such as Spanish Limes, which have a high failure rate during the propagation process. Additionally, when we are out of stock, some of our trees are sourced from other local growers who set their own prices.

Conversely, we may have excess inventory of certain varieties, resulting in larger trees being shipped to customers despite being ready for transplanting to the next size. We are transparent about these factors to ensure our customers are aware of the reasoning behind our pricing decisions.

Many factors beyond our control affect the pricing and size of our plants.

Price of our trees is based on many factors, not jus the size.

Updated on: 04/26/2023

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