Dwarf Coconuts & Regular Coconuts

Malayan Dwarf coconuts can bear fruit when the palm is 3-4 feet tall. This is why they are known as dwarf.

How tall do coconut palms grow?

Variety: Malayan Dwarf
Trunk Height at 6 years: 5 feet
Trunk Height at 30 years: 18 feet

Variety: Maypan
Trunk Height at 6 years: 8 feet
Trunk Height at 30 years: 24 feet

The coconut palm produces male and female flowers on the same plant, so that only one bearing palm is needed to produce coconuts.

When can my coconut palm produce fruit?

Flowering begins as early as 4 years after planting. After that, flowering will occur throughout the year, each palm yielding from 20 to 200 nuts annually.

Source: Growing coconuts in South Florida by David H. Romney

Updated on: 05/11/2021

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