Growing Soursop Guanabana Trees Recommendations

Soursop trees should be grown in a container or inside a green house. Even in the subtropical weather of South Florida, it is difficult to successfully grow them on the ground when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

Weather below 70 degrees and windy conditions (sustained wind speed higher than 10 miles per hour for several hours) has a very negative effect on soursop plants.

Soursop plants can be successfully grown in containers. Follow the recommendations below:
Protect the plant when temperature drops below 70 degrees; it is best to bring indoors
Protect the plant from extreme windy conditions
Try to grow them in an area where it gets partial shade, especially during the hot summer months

We do not recommend that you grow your soursop tree on the ground, as it will be very difficult to provide protection during the winter months

If you plant your soursop on the ground, consider planting it between two larger trees, so it can get some shade, and cold and wind protection.

Updated on: 06/16/2021

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