How to transplant to bigger containers / pots?

Do I need to transplant my tree to a bigger container?

The following are some indicators that your trees and plants need to be replanted:
The soil is drying out faster than usual.
The roots of a tree or plant have become entangled.
Roots are protruding from the drainage holes in the pot.
The tree or plant appears to be too large for the container.

How to transplant your tropical fruit trees to a bigger container?

The majority of plants can be repotted at any time of year. Summer is ideal because the tree is actively growing and can adapt to the new soil.

To begin repotting a tree, first remove it from its current pot. Grab the base of the plant or trunk with one hand, hold the pot with the other, and turn at an angle to slide out.
Watering heavily rootbound plants before removing from the pot helps them loosen
After removing the plant, begin to tease the roots to loosen them slightly before transplanting to a new pot
4.Choose a pot that is the next size up from the current one and is large enough to accommodate the root ball. Make sure the pot has adequate drainage holes in the bottom
Put a layer of compost at the bottom of the pot, just enough to sit the root ball so that the top of the root ball is about 1 inch below the pot's edge.
Place your tree or plant in the new pot, ensuring that it is centered.
Fill in around the rootball with the remaining compost until the soil level is correct.
Firm up and fill the pot with water. After the first watering, the soil may compact slightly; this is normal, and the pot can simply be topped up as needed.

Updated on: 04/24/2022

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