Is there a discount to buy in bulk? or when I buy several trees?

As a retail online tree nursery, we are not able to provide bulk-order discounts. However, if you are considering purchasing a large quantity of trees, we may be able to offer you some incentives to complete your purchase.

To request for such incentives, please send an email to, including the type of trees and the quantities you wish to purchase. For instance, you can list your desired quantities of Longan Kohala Trees, Red Sugar Apple, and Tommy Atkins Mango, as shown below:

20 Longan Kohala Trees
10 Red Sugar Apple
15 Tommy Atkins Mango
With this information, we will evaluate your request and determine if we can provide a discount when your order reaches a certain value.

Thank you for considering our tropical plants and trees. We appreciate your interest.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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