Jackfruit Varieties information and chart

Jackfruit Varieties Chart from Everglades Farm

All About Jackfruit

Native to India, the jackfruit is one of the sweetest fruits you’ll come across. People have often described the taste as being a mix of apples and bananas. No matter where you live, you can now buy jackfruit from our site, grow the plant to a flourishing height, and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.

Jackfruit Trees Come in all Shapes and Sizes

At Everglades Farm, we have a variety of jackfruit trees available for purchase. The chart below offers an overview of the varieties of jackfruit plants for sale and how to best grow each. The chart below does not include all the varieties we sell.

NameGrowth HabitYields per treeFruit SizeGrow in containerFruit ShapeSeason
Golden Nugget, AustraliaDwarf, Dense, spreading fast132-176 lbs.Small, 7-12 lbs.Yes. easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)RoundEarly May-June
J-31, MalaysiaDwarf, open, spreading fast92-32 lbs.Large, 26 lbs.Yes. Easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)IrregularEarly May-June
Black Gold, AustraliaDwarf, open, spreading fast120-200 lbs.Medium, 22 lbs.Yes. Easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)Long, TaperedLate Sept. - Oct.
Dang Rasimi, ThailandOpen, spreading, fast165–275 lbs.Medium to Large: 18-20 lbs.Yes. Vigorous tree; annual pruning needed to maintain moderate size (~11 ft)Uniform, OblongMid – July - August
Cheena, AustraliaOpen, low, spreading110–154 lbs.Small, 5-10 lbs.Yes. easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)Long, Narrow, UniformMid July- Aug.
Honey Gold, AustraliaSparse, spreading, slow-moderate80-100 lbs.Small, 12 lbs.Yes. easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)BlockyMid July- Aug.
Cochin, AustraliaSparse, upright, slow80-130 lbs.Small 2-5 lbs.Yes. easily pruned to maintain small tree (~8 ft)Round, IrregularEarly: June-July


Growing a Jackfruit Tree in a Container vs. On the Ground
You don’t have to have sprawling acres of land in order to grow a jackfruit tree. Most of our trees ship in a plastic container that you can use to start growing your jackfruit tree. Depending on your variety of tree, the jackfruit can spawn in this container for 6-12 months on average before being planted on the ground, or transplanted to a larger container. Dwarf species fair particularly well in containers at first, because of their smaller nature. However, if you want to grow your jackfruit larger and quicker, planting the tree in the ground from the start is the best bet.

How Long Does it Take for Grafted Jackfruit to Bear Fruit?

The time it takes for a grafted jackfruit tree to bear fruit depends on several factors, including the age of the tree, the growing conditions, and the variety of the tree. On average, it takes a young jackfruit tree 3 to 5 years to begin producing fruit. However, some trees may take longer or shorter to bear fruit depending on their growing conditions and the amount of care and attention they receive.

Jackfruit Trees for Sale

Jackfruit trees fair best in high levels of sunlight, an average of 10 hours in the sun is ideal for jackfruit trees to bear fruit. Our trees ship from sunny Florida, ensuring that the tree you receive is healthy and strong. No matter where you are, consider buying a jackfruit tree to liven up your land.

Updated on: 05/30/2023

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