Pesticides. Insecticide. Do you recommend any specific product?

Acephate 97UP is an insecticide we use in our farm.

People often inquire about the type of insecticide we utilize for our plants in our nursery.

To ensure effective insect control, we employ a variety of solutions in our nursery.

In order to stay ahead of insects, we regularly alternate between different products.

The products we utilize are of commercial grade and generally not available for home use.

Nevertheless, there are some insecticides available in smaller packaging that you might consider for your plants.

While we are unable to provide specific recommendations, we do use Acephate97UP insecticide, which can be purchased online.

If other organic solutions are not solving the insect problem with your fruit trees, consider using the product Acephate97UP

Make sure you read the entire label, and used the product according to the label instructions. Fruits on the tree that has been sprayed should be discarded.

Please remember to carefully follow all instructions and safety precautions mentioned on the product label or any other treatment you use on your plants.

Updated on: 06/14/2023

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