Tips for growing your miracle fruit plant.

Miracle fruit plants are grown in large pots (~20 gallon) with soilless mix at 2.5 m spacing (~8 feet). Container production in southern Florida is favored in order to avoid intolerance for alkaline soils as are common in southern Florida where the plants are commercially grown.

Miracle fruit plants do not tolerate alkaline soils well. This is why growing them in container is highly recommended.

Plant fertigation has not been optimized, but regular application of a balanced 18-6-8 slow-release fertilizer will facilitate plant growth and fruiting. Further studies on plant nutrition are necessary to develop fertilizer rates. Plants should be pruned annually to facilitate harvesting.

Supplemental irrigation is required during the dry season. Healthy plants can start producing fruit in their third year and reach highest yields towards their fifth year.

Pests can include mealy bugs and mites. These can be controlled by horticultural oils or soaps according to product labels. There are no major diseases of miracle fruit in southern Florida at this time.

Tips for growing your miracle fruit plant

Updated on: 05/17/2023

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