Tree care instructions. How to care for your tree after you receive it.

IMPORTANT -- If the box and tree arrive with significant damage, please take pictures of the box and the tree; in case it is necessary to file an insurance claim with the carrier. Do not discard the box or the plant, without first taking pictures. In case of complete damage, submit your request with pictures and your order number to - When plants are stressed out, they are more vulnerable, DO NOT PLANT YOUR TREE ON THE GROUND IF THE PLANT IS STRESSED OUT. This will void our warranty.

AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE THE BOX: Remove the tree from the box immediately and gently pour enough water into the plastic container. To unbox the tree, make long cuts across the sides of the box with a sharp knife or cutting blade.

AFTER REMOVING THE TREE FROM THE BOX. Trees suffer a lot of stress during shipping. The tree may arrive with a few broken branches and/or dried leaves- This is normal. After removing the boxes from the tree, we recommend keeping the tree in the container for two weeks, to allow the tree to gain strength.

GROWING TROPICAL FRUIT TREES IN CONTAINERS. Water the tree every day. Keep indoors when temperature drops below 60 degrees. Expose to sunlight as much as possible. You can keep the tree in the pot for up to one year. You can transplant the tree to a bigger container every 6-12 months.

Potted trees can produce fruits in larger pots, e.g., 20-25-gallon pots. The bigger the pot, the bigger the tree will grow. Root growth goes hand in hand with tree canopy growth.

PLANTING TROPICAL FRUIT TREES ON THE GROUND. 1. Dig a hole on the ground about twice the size of the plastic container. Put some of the loosen soil back in the hole. 2. If available, apply 8-3-9 granular fertilizer to the hole. 3. Water the loosen soil and fertilizer. 4. Carefully remove the tree from the plastic container and place in the hole. 5. Plant so top of root system is at or above soil level. 6. Shovel the soil back into the hole and tamp lightly to remove air pockets on the ground. 7. Water the tree again 8. if available, add mulch to the top of the tree to keep moist. 9. water your tree every day or every other day.
Do not plant the tree during the winter months. Do not fertilize the tree during the winter months.

PROTECTING TROPICAL TREES FROM COLD WEATHER. Young Tropical and Subtropical trees cannot tolerate freezing temperatures for very long. If you live in an area with this type of temperature.
it is recommended that you grow your tree in the container, so you can bring it indoors during cold spells.

APPLYING FERTILIZER. We recommend the use of 8-3-9 granular fertilizer or similar. Apply every three months by following the instructions on the product label. Do not apply granular fertilizer during the winter months. You may also apply minor elements by foliar spray, following the instructions on the product label.
Do not apply fertilizer during the winter time. Do not apply fertilizer when the tree has young flowers.

Updated on: 01/05/2023

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