Tree was sent to the wrong shipping address. Incorrect shipping address

At Everglades.Farm, we solely accept orders made by our customers through our online store. This implies that we have no authority over the shipping address provided by the customer during the order placement process. Furthermore, we are unable to modify the address provided by the customer.

If you have entered the incorrect shipping address, please see below the possible remedies

Our shipping process is as follows

Stage 1 - order is received
Stage 2 - order is being picked
Stage 3 - Tree is picked, not shipping label generated

Possible Solution: You can edit/cancel your order thru your order confirmation, please place a new order with the correct address

Refer to the article below to cancel or edit your order

Stage 4 - Tree is picked, shipping label has been generated but tree has not left our packing center

Possible Solution: You cannot longer cancelled the order yourself, but you can try to reach out to us by phone for us to override the shipping.

Stage 5 - Tree has shipped, in Fedex trucks
Possible Solution: with your tracking number, called the carrier so you can attempt to reroute the package

We have seen rare cases where the carrier delivers the tree to the wrong address, although the label has the correct address. In this case, please contact the carrier immediately to inform them the local driver that he/she delivered the tree to the wrong address. In most cases, the carrier is able to retrieve the tree and attempt a redelivery within 1-2 days.

Updated on: 04/17/2023

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