We experience freezing temperatures where I live... Can I grow tropical fruit trees on the ground?

Most young tropical trees and plants will not survive temperatures below 32 degrees.

They should do well planted on the ground in USDA zones 9-10.

But you may try to fool Mother Nature by growing them in containers indoors if you can fulfill the mangoes' heat and light requirements, or if you have a greenhouse.

Most fruit trees can be grown in a container. Follow the recommendations below...

Start small with a tree in a 3 or 7 gallon container

Every 6-10 months transplant the tree to a higher capacity container

The ideal container size to grow fruit trees is 10-15 gallons, so you can move it indoors during the winter months, if necessary

Make sure your container has draining holes on the bottom of the container, so that any excess water can drain

Most tropical fruit trees will survive if they can be protected from freezing temperatures.

For Most tropical plants, we recommend bringing indoors once temperatures drop below 40 degrees.

If your tropical tree is planted on the ground, we recommend providing protection by covering the tree during the cold winter nights.

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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